The different grill course: The Tramontina Barbecue Bible.

Grilling books have mushroomed in recent years. But a very big litter with a cult character has now been achieved by the Brazilian company Tramontina. In Brazil, barbecuing is not all about charcoal burning - barbecue is an important and serious passion. To remind Tramontina's expertise in grilling and cooking with key chefs and restaurant owners, the barbecue specialist has developed a very special book with strong content: the Barbecue Bible. Designed by the advertising agency JTW Brazil, the site includes everything you need for barbecuing: chopping board, coal, lighters, air pockets, salt, grill foil, knife sharpener, apron and placemat. And of course the instructions on how to make a barbecue perfect.

What a pity that you can grill it only once. But that's guaranteed with a lot of fun. And if you've burned everything, the book cover remains after all, as a cutting board and the apron is guaranteed to hang in the kitchen for a long time.

Against such a direct mail I would have nothing at all. Hot idea!

Tramontina Barbecue BibleTramontina Barbecue Bible Tramontina Barbecue Bible Coal  Tramontina Barbecue Bible Grill lighter  Tramontina Barbecue Bible Salt Tramontina Barbecue Bible FanTramontina Barbecue Bible AlupaperTramontina Barbecue Bible Knife SharpenerTramontina Barbecue Bible Cutlery

Agency: JWT, Brazil
Photos: Régis Fernandez
Illustrations: Lucas Reis/Estúdio Olho Bala