Mini kitchen cinema and the winners of laptop, champagne, wine and books.

GourmetGuerilla_Kitchen Tiles Anyone who has ever wanted to see my kitchen is getting their money's worth: ZDF I produced a cooking contribution for the show's turntable Germany - and that's why there's now double action camera kitchen cinema. The post ran on Friday at 12:55 after various posts on Mr. Hoeneß, truck drivers, the bridges overlooked, masked robber gangs, excavators, indoor pool FucksUps, again Mr. Hoeness - I was already a nervous wreck, while the poor man ( The shoot was a different kind of challenge for the three-member ZDF team. Actually, we did not shoot properly, but played Twister the whole time , Can I quickly put my foot there? Sure, if you briefly your elbow - OUCH - er, yes thank you. Now I have to go there, just a little bit. Uffz. Klieeerrr. Excuse me. These were only 5 spice jars. The camerawoman bore it all very stoically, while half the time she was extremely uncomfortable under my sink. The soundman was eventually banished into the hall and had to monitor the sound in front of the toilet. The recording manager and the director have been in a great mood all the time. But even though the team has been a bit worried - nothing has broken anyway. And after 4.5 hours everything was in the box and the three moved on with bag and baggage.

Here comes the link to the original recipe (the food looks a little less yellow). By the way: No cameraman had to climb on my fridge - there stuck a GoPro, which has filmed everything from above.

Who wants to look at the result (again) in peace, is cordially invited:

GourmetGuerilla on the ZDF turntable

And because everyone is quite, waiting for the winners of the January raffle and the book-giveaways for a long time, they come straight after:

The winner of the laptop Acer Aspire V5 with AMD Temash APU is * tatatatsaaaa *:
Sonja L

The winner of the 4 bottles of Cloudy Bay Chardonnay 2010 is * Tusch! * Anne

Alice can rejoice over the Ruinart Rosé Champagne.

And the two copies of the great book For the love of cooking go to Inez and Ines (I like random generators with a joke!).

Congratulations to all winners - you will also receive an e-mail this morning from me in your mailbox - and many thanks to all who participated. I'm looking forward to the next raffles with you!